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How do I purchase Powerpoint templates from Template Ready? How quickly can I start using the templates?
Template Ready accepts payments by all mayor credit cards through PayPal Inc.'s payment service. Anyone with a bank account or a credit card can quickly make a secure and convenient Internet transactions.
The templates will be available for download from the site right after the transaction is completed. In addition within seconds of your purchase we will send to you an e-mail with the transaction report and a link to download the files.

How do I install the template?
You can install the template by double clicking in the .zip file that you download to your drive from your our site or e-mail. Your computer will ask you where to you want to install the file. Choose the directory of folder where your PowerPoint resides, usually c:/program_files/Office/PowerPoint/templates.
After saving the file, run PowerPoint, and choose “Create a new presentation from template.” Select the Template Ready template from the list.
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What kind of computer/software/etc. do I need to use Template Ready?
Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP
PowerPoint Versions: 97, 2000 or 2002 to use PowerPoint Templates. The JPGs may be used with all PowerPoint versions and a wide variety of other graphics software.
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What are the file formats and other specifications of the files you send?.
The download file is a compressed .zip document. The file contains one Powerpoint template file ".pot" and three ".jpg" backgrounds
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What are the Terms of Use.
Your Template Ready templates are provided under a Single User license for your personal use only. You may not resell or redistribute the blank templates to anyone in any form. You may of course display them or share them with others as part of a finished presentation.
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How to purchase Powerpoint templates from Template Ready
Getting and installing the Powerpoint templates from Template Ready
File Formats and Product Contents
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Template Ready terms of use

Frequently Asked Questions.

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