Epson - PowerLite 9300i.
SXGA 2500 Lumens Installation Projector

The groundbreaking PowerLite 9300i provides a level of detail not found in ordinary projectors. It goes far beyond everyday PowerPoint presentations. Remarkable SXGA+resolution, 2500 lumens, and an incredible 1100:1 contrast ratio provide the essential technology needed for ultimate quality and precision. Ideal for medical, military, CAD or control center applications, the PowerLite 9300i not only delivers the unique clarity required for high-end applications but full featured performance for added versatility. Power zoom, focus, and lens shift make installation easier than ever. And, muli-screen setup is a breeze with special adjustements for brightness and color levels, in addition to pre-set patterns. Designed with renowned Epson reliability, the PowerLite 9300i gives you both power and peace of mind. A unique password protected security function lends added assurance, while an amazing 7000-hour lamp life offers substantial value. A truly remarkable projector with revolutionary results, the PowerLite 9300i delivers imagery so precise, even the finest details will pop off the screen.

Easy Setup and Operation

  • Power zoom, focus, and lens shift-key image adjustements controlled via the remote
  • Six video inputs and six audio outputs simplify installation and eliminate the added cost of switchers
  • Great connectivity including two computer inputs, plus component video (5 BNCs), composite, S-video, and DVI compatibility
  • Keystone correction (+-40 vertical, +-20 horizontal)
  • QuickCorner to display a perfectly square image from almost anywhere in the room
  • Snap Windows to simultaneously preview up to seven input connections-provides a simple way for stagging managers to check connected sources.
  • Multiple optional lens options for flexibility
  • Easy multi-screen calibration (adjustments for brightness and color levels, plus convenient pre-set patterns)
  • Direct power-on capability (allows users to just flip on the wall switch and the projector will automatically power on)
  • Whisper-quiet operation (33 db) for undisturbed presentations.

Astounding Image Quality

  • SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) resolution for crystal clear results
  • 1100:1 contrast ratio for exceptional clarity and detail
  • Three 1.4" Epson high-aperture LCDs for evenly distributed color across the screen
  • 2500 kumens for brightness in any setting
    Progressive processing circuitry for better video image quality
  • Compatible with NTSC, PAL-M, PAL-N, PAL, PAL60, SECAM standards, as well as HDTV (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i) signals.


  • Up tp 7000-hour lamp life for improved cost of ownership
    Improved air filter to proted projector in smoky or dusty environments
  • Guards against unauthorized users and disable the projector via password-protection feature. This includes power-on protection (requires a password to operate afeter a pre-set time has passed), and user logo protection.

Networking Capability

  • Equipped with EasyManagement technology, it offers information on projector status via:
  • Web browser - no special software required!
  • SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) with OpenView plug-in available.
  • EMP Monitor software and EMP network manager utility (included)
  • Allows easy monitoring of lamp status, power status, and source status
  • Works with the projector's built-in Ethernet connection
  • Enables secure access via password protection feature
  • Monitors all Epson network projectors
  • Provides real-time status information and projector error detection
  • Email notification via SMTP to alert issues related to temperature, fan and lamp.


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