Panasonic PT-D7500U, PT-D7600U.
5500 and 6500 Lumens 3-CCD Large Venue DLP Projectors

Panasonic PT-D7500U with 5500 lumensCompact, high-performance three-chip DLP projectors, the PT-D7500U (XGA) and PT-D7600U (SXGA) seamlessly integrate breathtaking image quality, compactness and low cost of operation. Easy to transport, set up and maintain, they can be used in applications where users previously had to settle for a projector of lower presentation quality. The PT-D7500U and PT-D7600U produce astounding still and motion images, making them ideal choices for demanding rental and staging, digital cinema and mission-critical data environments such as 24-hour-a-day command-and-control centers. Superbright with 5000 and 6000 lumens respectively, they offer a remarkable, leather-quality contrast ratio of up to 1000:1 and are stackable for double brightness (up to 12000 lumens).

Offering a sleek, dust-proof design, the PT-D7600U and PT-D7500U offer a dual-lamp system that delivers the power of two high-intensity light sources through a high-precision prism, providing peace of mind by virtually eliminating downtime due to a burned-out lamp. By adding the optional 10Base-T or 100Base-TX network module, they are network-ready, enabling monitoring via LAN-based remote control over a web browser.


World’s Lightest DLP-Based Projectors
By combining a new-generation 3-chip DLP system with a new optical system, Panasonic has dramatically reduced their cabinet size, achieving the world’s lightest 3-chip DLP projectors. With a weight of 43 lbs., they can go places no other 3-chip DLP projector have ever gone before.

The PT-D7500U and PT-D7600U provide tha quality and performance needed in almost any application. Use them in meeting rooms, theaters, museums, convention halls, public space, schools, research labs – anyplace where bright, beautiful images are a plus. Also, the superb resolution made possible by 3-chip DLP technology delivers images with exceptional detail and accuracy. This makes these projectors suitable for use as main systems for monitoring traffic or electric power, or in operation centers such as police or fire and air traffic control centers.

3-Chip DLP Technology
The 3-chip DLP system, considered among the world’s most advanced projector engines, has a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) chip allocated to each of the red, green, and blue signals. This gives the DLP system superior light utilization for high brightness, digital processing for low noise and linear white balance, extended device life for minimal image degradation, and a quick response that eliminates after images. The PT-D7600U and PT-D7500U incorporate digital and optical technologies that maximize these DLP advantages.

The PT-D7500 delivers 5,000 lumens of brightness, and the PT-D7600U gives 6,000 lumens, offering superior color reproducibility

Panasonic’s sophisticated optical system achieves a remarkable 1000:1 contrast ratio. This combines with an outstanding brightness for crisp, high-resolution images in virtually any viewing environment. Contrast can be switched between High and Normal as conditions require. Ideal form cinema viewing applications.

High-speed DSP chips enable interlaced-to-progressive (IP) conversion for HD sources, complete with digital cinema reality (DCR) and digital noise reduction (DNR)

The built-in detail enhancer checks and corrects the quality of 368,000 pixels in each image to improve sharpness and clarity
The Digital Cinema Reality circuit provides progressive processing optimize for 24 or 30 frame/sec sources, helping to reproduce the image with quality faithful to the original.


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