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Mimio xi is a lightweight, compact, and low cost device that turns any whiteboard into an interactive board. Whether used to digitally capture notes or drawings that can be safe and/or integrated into other materials, or with a multimedia projector to turn the whiteboard into an interactive touch screen, students and teachers can now be more engaged and interactive with class content. Mimio xi is a portable and low cost device that attaches to any whiteboard (up to 4 x 8’ in size), connects to your PC/Mac and when used with a projector, allows you control your desktop applications and documents directly from the board. Without a projector, Mimio enables you digitally capture notes or drawings that can be saved, shared, and/or integrated into other materials.

Turn any whiteboard into an interactive whiteboard.

When used with a multimedia projector, teachers and students can use one of the Mimio stylus pens like a cordless mouse to control (click, right click, drag and drop) computer applications and documents directly from the whiteboard.

Control applications such as PowerPoint slides, Word documents and Excel spreadsheets directly from the whiteboard.

Browse educational websites on the Internet.

Navigate interactive instructional CDs

Annotate, mark-up and edit slides or screens directly at the board

Perfect for front of class and whole class instruction as well as allowing students to be more interactive and engaged.

Capture your whiteboard notes.. and your audience’s attention

With Expo dry-erase markers inserted into the Mimio stylus pens, everything that you write or draw on the whiteboard is digitally recorded – in color and real time – in a highly portable and versa digital data format – so that it can be saved and:

Email or print files. Print board notes in color with perfect resolution print for students with IEPs that require them.

Save as Mimio files (.ink) or as images (.jpg, .bmp, .pict) .ink files can be viewed as pages or replayed (stroke by stroke). Ideal for students. Mimio .ink data files are cross compatible between Mac and Windows computers.

Export to HTML and post the board notes to websites

Copy or paste any whiteboard notes into any MS Office or Win/Mac application.

Export to iMovie and/or QuickTime (Mac)

Link directly to NetMeeting or a 3rd party conferencing solutions share your whiteboard with remote locations.

Teachers can achieve class notes while students focus on understand the lessons presented instead of copying the board.

Ultra-portability… No computer required!

With Mimio xi’s built-in memory, notes can be recorded and stored out a computer. After class, or at the end of the day, notes can be downloaded by connecting Mimio xi to your computer via the USB cable.


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