Are You Ready For Web Conferencing?.

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An exciting new development in Internet technology is making sales and business meetings through the Web as easy as turning on a computer.

Web based conferencing can now be used by organizations large and small. It is a very cost effective way to overcome geographical obstacles and meet with individuals or groups no matter where they are located.

Sales demonstrations and presentations can reach a large group of buyers quickly, easily and for little cost. No more traveling from location to location to repeat the same presentations. You can generate excitement and sales using audio or video in a way only the Internet can provide.

Web conferencing is poised to create a revolution in fund raising. Low cost, yet dramatic presentations can motivate contributors as no other method has been able to do.

Business and sales meetings can invite input from those in attendance. You can get valuable feedback from those using or selling your product or service. You can do PowerPoint presentations with live video conferencing just as you would if you were renting a hotel ballroom.

People in remote locations can discuss building or sales plans while simultaneously viewing the related blueprints or documents. That can save time, money and misunderstandings. Web based conferencing allows you to do this and much more through the Internet, from the convenience of your own office or location.

Web conferencing is much like participating in a telephone conference. With Web conferencing participants can use their computer's Web browser to log into a third party conferencing company's site. Once there they use a provided code to join the conference. If you are the presenter, the Web conferencing company makes all the arrangements and you are left with the just the responsibility of preparing and presenting the program.

The various Web conferencing providers offer basically the same service with some variation of features. The cost for Web conferencing is much the same as that of a teleconference and is usually negotiable. Companies that contract to do a schedule of regular Web conferencing will be offered discounted rates.

The quality of both Web audio and video technology is rapidly improving and it will soon approach that of television. There are very few limitations on the manner in which you wish to present your message.

The advantages of Web conferencing are so vast that no company can afford not to explore the many ways it can be effectively used to save time and money, and to increase sales.


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