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ArrowTop 10 Trade Show Tips

1. Message

Is your message clear? Does it speak to your primary audience? Is it relevant? Does your message have an emotional attachment? Are you trying to say too much when you only have a few seconds to grab your audiences attention?

2. Pre-Show
Have you contacted attendees even with something as simple as a postcard asking them to come by your booth for a prize or gift? Are you in a good location? If not, what will you do about it?

3. Trade Show Display
Have you checked it recently? Does it say things that are no longer true or correct? Is the hardware intact and functional? Does it fit in the space you reserved (last you had a 10x10, this year you have a 20x20). Was your booth designed as an integrated component of your marketing strategy or a piece-meal production with various photos and logos? How will your booth compare to others at your trade show? Not to keep up with the Jones', but you also do not want to stand out for having the least appealing booth either.

4. Accessories
Do you have the proper accessories? Shelving, Lighting (that works), Podiums (with your correct phone, logo, and web address), Literature Stands, Seating, Conference Room, Overhead Fabric Signage, Banner Stands, Fabric Displays, Lightboxes, Plasma/LCD Displays and Mounts, and Counters.

5. Literature and Giveaways
Do you have current literature in the proper quantity for your show? Do you have business cards as described before? Is your literature in alignment with your trade show display? Is your literature in alignment with the audience that will attend your show?

6. Events
Are you going to a very large trade show where a seperate event for your top clients and prospects will help people remember you? Will your top account executives or customer service staff be at the event? How will you reinforce your brand or message at the event so that it is memorable?

7. During the Trade Show I
When and how many people will staff your booth? Is everyone on the same page with regard to what to say about your company and its products? While your booth is being staffed are the employees out in the show meeting with prospects, clients, and vendors or strategic partners?

8. During the Trade Show II
While in the booth do your people know the basics, do not sit, do not eat, go out and meet people in the isle, do not stay behind a table or counter, smile smile smile, use breath mints, speak to people directly [do not act as though you are looking for the next hot prospect], and be honest.

9. During the Trade Show III
If it is clear you are speaking with someone who is a great prospect, suggest that you meet later for a drink or dinner, go to the cafe area of the show and sit and talk as long as your booth is covered, do not try to have a one hour conversation in your booth.

10. After the Trade Show
Follow up with prospects and customers, send everyone who visited your booth a note, postcard, or email thanking them for attending. Set meetings with your best prospects. Have a post-show meeting to discuss how you can exhibit better in the future.

If you would like more information on this topic or if you would like to suggest a topic for a future article, please contact Peter Winters at: peterwinters@presres.com
For over 10 years Mr. Winters has been consulting businesses on strategic planning, marketing, and public relations.
He is the owner of Exhibit Warehouse a Richmond Virginia-based trade show display and trade show exhibit fabrication company.

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