Projector Remotes - Get Close To Your Audience.
by Andrea Chatwood

Get closer to your audience when you use one of the many cool remote presentation tools that are now available at very reasonable prices:

Kensington wireless presentation indoor/outdoor remote with laser pointer: Effective from up to 100 ft. indoor and 50 ft. outdoors, the Kensington wireless presentation remote is compatible with most multimedia projectors, PC’s and laptops. Includes a lower powered laser pointer.
Retails for about $99.

Honeywell Power Presenter Wireless Remote Control
While not as sleek in design as the Kensington, it is just as effective. It also has a working range from 100 ft. indoors, has a built in laser pointer plus 128 flash memory.
Retails for about $119.

Mustang Presentation Remote
This 3-in-1 omni-direction wireless remote is effective at over 100 ft. indoors. It functions as a remote device, a wireless mouse and a laser pointer. It requires no additional software and uses easy-to-set up USB technology.
Retails for about $80

RCA Presentation Remote Control
A more sophisticated remote presentation tool that actually includes motion sensors that moves the onscreen cursor as you move the remote. It has multi-receiver functionality allowing you to use two remotes simultaneously (tag team presentations anyone?) This tool is more compatible with PC presentations than with MAC.
Retails for about $160.

Keyspan Presentation Remote
A more budget-conscious option, the Keyspan presentation remote works from up to 40 feet indoors and includes a laser printer and mouse control. Just plug it into your USB port and you are up and running. A choice of “Presentation Magazine” for its full feature set at an affordable price.
Retails for about $50.


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