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“Jennifer, I am expecting you to come back with the order. Really, we need this sale to hit our numbers for the quota. Remember everything that we talked about.” Does this sound familiar? We’ve all been there, the requirement to give presentations or present proposals has been an essential part of the selling process for a long time. Many salespeople get anxious and are just happy to get through the presentation without the use of 40 “ums” and sweat dripping off their brow. Is it really that bad? There are some very simple yet effective techniques that can be used to make you feel better prepared thus increasing your presentation’s power.

First, there are several different factors that must be considered when preparing a presentation, regardless if it is for a small group or an individual. Here are some common guidelines to use prior to giving your presentation. 1)Define your purpose-Typically, for sales staff your purpose is to communicate the value of your product or service to the client, thus wanting them to purchase. Keep in mind that you want to keep your presentation relevant, simple and to the point. It is also essential that you are able to answer the who, what, where and why questions for the audience, if you are able to do this your purpose is defined.

Second, you need to have your questions written out in advance. It is highly encouraged that you have a good high level understanding of the prospect’s business, a good place to learn more about this is the web. Take a look at relevant news on their website and who the key decision makers are in the organization. By having your questions written out in advance it will allow you to stay focused on the client and get the information needed in order to propose a solution.

Third, when arriving at the actual location clap your hands 20 times. You may be asking yourself, “why?” It has been proven that by changing your physiology puts you in a positive frame of mind and relaxes your muscles. This change of physiology will assist in making you appear less nervous.

Fourth, use 3 positive adjectives in your introduction. Just like positive self talk, this communication style will put you in the right frame of mind to have a good interaction with the client. You will look and feel upbeat.

Finally, ask good questions. Avoid the use of closed questions that will not allow you to find out the information you need to do active problem solving. Asking questions that use the words “how” and “why” will go a long way towards moving the sales process along. The more information that you are able to find out about the client’s level of pain, the better.

In summary, by incorporating some of these simple practices into your everyday presentations to clients can make a big difference in anxiety levels and your performance. Remember the audience wants to hear what you have to say, and they also want you to succeed, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be allowing you the opportunity. So, the next time you are in front of a group don’t forget to incorporate some of these ideas and your passion and energy will be very clear. Don’t forget enthusiasm is contagious, if you are excited about your products/services, your clients are bound to be as well!

Tim Hagen owns Sales Progress LLC, a sales consulting and development firm located in Mequon Wisconsin. Tim has worked with firms such as the Milwaukee Brewers, Bombardier Evinrude and Dairyland Seed. To learn more about Tim or Sales Progress, please visit our website at http://www.SalesProgress.com or email us directly at salebuilder@aol.com.

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